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1 KG,  Spanish Honey (Sierra)
1 KG,  Spanish Honey (Sierra)

1 KG, Spanish Honey (Sierra)

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✓ 100% pure and natural honey extracted directly from the beehives of the finest independent beekeepers in Spain.
✓ Our honey is never pasteurised, heated and unfiltered. This way, it retains all  all its natural goodness.
✓ We only work with independent beekeepers who have an honest a truthful passion for honey production.
✓ Ideal as a natural sweetener, an ingredient in salad dressing, making fresh fruit jams, a healthy alternative to sugar and so much more.
✓ Scalped from the beehives situated in the biosphere reserve area of the Sierra Morena in Spain.

Spanish Honey (Sierra)

Natural honey is one of the most highly valued products because of its nutritional properties. One of nature's treasures that does not lose its properties over time, as long as it has not been subject to chemical processes such as pasteurization or filtering. Our honey simply means that it's never heated, pasteurised and always unfiltered, keeping all its nutrients, vitamins and enzymes alive. 

Our honey preserves the properties of the flowers that the bees collected from, thus, creating this divine, delish and nectarous flavors that are extremely pleasant to taste. Select from our three products made by bees from the nectars of flowers: The Spanish honey (from the wild flowers of the Biosphere reserve area of Sierra Morena) , Anise Honey and Orange-Blossom Honey. Each has their own distinctive taste that your taste buds will surely take delight on. 

One of the best natural ingredient that has been used for thousands of years because of its versatility. A perfect natural sweetener, a wonderful ingredient to recipes and a healthy alternative to sugar. Likewise, a product that’s also being regarded when it comes to beauty and personal care.

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